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A criterion must be used to get your bearings in the world of succulents. Using families is our criterion. The families presented on this website are only a part of the plants found in nature, but are those that we cultivate.  From a botanical viewpoint, there are Genders, species and varieties within the families.


Welcome to the world of Cactusmania arrangements. In this space, dreams come true and new worlds are discovered.

The showroom located in Ventimiglia is always updated with news and suggestions.


What is a crested Myrtillocactus geometrizans doing with Lorenzo? A gallery of selected and cultivated beauties and exquisite monstrosities to make the most of your collection of succulents!


Thornless, smooth or hairy.  Enter the soft and smooth world of the thornless chubby plants and let them pamper you.



Click here to access the new Plants Online Sales and discover the latest novelties such as the minor crested Myrtillocactus geometrizans.

We sell and ship with love!

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