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The Plants

Click below to see our collections of plants including the Cactaceae with the beautiful plants of Echinocereus, Ferocactus and Mammillaria. Let yourself be kidnapped by the beautiful Lithops, the living stones, you find them in the Aizoaceae family. Discover the colorful Echeveria among the Crassulaceae!

Search through the cristations if you want to find out how strange nature is and how succulents are unique in the plant world. Incredible shapes, unique and unrepeatable as sculptures!

To get an idea of what we produce, the best way is to visit us in Ventimiglia. If you can’t or if you want to take a virtual tour of our incredible world, take a look at our selection of great specimens. Let Giulia, Mimma, Lorenzo and Ludovico lead you among our greenhouses to discover the big plants of Cactusmania.

To give you a gift, I want to share some pictures of a special place for me. Click here to see the dream garden a stone’s throw from Cactusmania!