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Annarita Manera

I am Annarita Manera and I was born in Ventimiglia. My life and passion for plants led me to live in Côte d’Azur as a young florist to then return home to work in the family business. I have always been working with plants and managing Cactusmania work. It is a work made up of great satisfactions that I share with my family and the staff working with me. Ours is a team made up of very different people and this diversity, combined with the great passion for succulents, makes us authentic cactus maniacs!

Two books were born from the story of Cactusmania:

Pelledispine is a “Novel-Manual” as it is the story of my passion for plants. An amazing photo story born from the friendship with Saverio Chiappalone and Matteo Ragni. The book is available HERE.

Even the second book, “A walk around my garden”, was born from the Saverio Chiappalone’s eyes and is an itinerary book of the Hanbury Gardens, which have always fascinated my family and that we wanted to support with this book.

Those who support me in my life and during my working days are tennis and my family. These passions are so strong that with time they have merged and gave rise – in addition to some tournaments played together – even to a great knowledge and sharing. Knowledge and sharing led us to a new game to be played when my son Lorenzo joined the farm – working with three Manera generations.