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Our Family

Ours is the story of a family that has always been living with plants – my mother and my father were first cultivating ornamental asparagus to then decide to grow succulents and cacti. Since I entered the farm, I have been dealing with revamping the plants starting with the first arrangements and foreign customers. I have always had a great passion for plants and flowers as well as for shapes and colours. Trying to pass on this passion to Cactusmania, several projects have started which led us to plant gardens of succulents in Côte d’Azur, sell plants in Korea and look for inspirations in Latin America.

With time, as my children were growing and my parents were “growing wiser”, the desire to tell my story came up in me. At first, I started writing newsletters (Click Here to sign up) and then a wonderful book written together with my friends, which tells about the countless feelings that the succulents  arouse in me. Today this website wants to tell and reveal all my world – the Cactusmania world.