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Our Story

Cactusmania is the story of my family. I am Annarita Manera. Thanks to the work and passion of my mother Neris and my father Bruno, many years ago Cactusmania was born. Of course, when I was a little girl I pricked myself because I have always loved the succulents. After my studies as a master florist, I dedicated myself to Cactusmania with all my strength and passion. Cactusmania is home for me, my plants and the collaborators that, together with my parents and my son Lorenzo, make this farm vivid and cosy.
The name Cactusmania was born in the ‘80s without much thought. Like all fads, the farm started with few pallets displaying the Mammillaria sowing to gradually add other collections after.
We are based in Ventimiglia, a city on the Ligurian coast. The land we belong to and we are deeply influenced by. In fact, our farm is arranged on as many levels as the leaps rising from the Roia river to the top of the mountain. Ventimiglia borders with Italy and France, a border that has never existed for us as we always had friends in both countries. There are also many friends from the Principality of Monaco as well as Italian enthusiasts who spent their time visiting us and giving our plants the possibility to be sold in the best Italian, French, Belgian and German shops and garden centres.
Cactusmania is renowned for its Cresting, the several families of caudiciform plants and all the specimens considered unusual given their variety and size.
Cactusmania is a farm specialised in cultivation, experimentation and trading of succulents. Over time, the research activity also resulted in collections that have involved enthusiasts from all over the world.
The openness to foreign countries pushed us to reinforce our mail order sales as well as to join important events abroad. In the future, Cactusmania will be increasingly integrated with the main European markets on a path of growth.